Leadership Redefined

Your team or organization is stacked with leaders—you just might not realize it. In this paradigm-shifting presentation, Logan unpacks the idea that a “leader” is not someone with status or a title—it’s the person who knows how to influence those around them. Logan uncovers twelve behaviors and attitudes that anyone can use to become a person of influence. The 12X's include expanded reflections on the following principles:

  • Xtract a dream - the power of goals
  • Xamine everything - What's influencing you
  • Xchange non-essentials - Don’t let good rob you of best
  • Xpose yourself to winners - the impact of role models
  • Xpect opposition - don't get knocked off course
  • Xtend a helping hand - It's NOT just about me
  • Xhibit an attitude of confidence - attitude is contagious
  • Xpress your visions to others - getting others on board
  • Xplore all possible avenues - Failing doesn’t make you a failure
  • Xercise effort - going the extra mile
  • Xclude negative thinking/thinkers - Tapping into the Cycle of Awesome
  • Xceed normal expectations - going above and beyond

Participants will learn the skills and attitudes that all successful people and leaders strive to master in order to positively impact the world around them.